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Bridget Randolph is a NYC-based actor, writer and storyteller who grew up in a small town in rural Northern Virginia. She was homeschooled until college (and sometimes still uses her sheltered upbringing as an excuse for a desperate lack of 1990s-00s pop culture knowledge). 


After college, Bridget went to grad school in the UK. Upon completing a masters degree in anthropology, she moved to London, where she studied Shakespeare and Meisner Technique with the Salon:Collective, took workshops at RADA, performed on a West End stage with Michael Grandage's MGC Futures Company and first discovered the magic of cue-script technique in productions with Shake-scene Shakespeare. 


Now, Bridget lives in Brooklyn with her feline roommate Ty and her collection of tarot decks. She studies and performs improv, sketch and storytelling at the Magnet Theater and continues to appear with Shake-scene in their virtual "Shakespeare from Cue Scripts" production series, which began during the 2020 lockdowns. 


As Bridget turns her focus to film and television, you'll see her as the cute peppy pill pusher who's in it for the money, the sweet young caregiver with a soft spot for the elderly, or the offbeat, pizza-loving hacker who solves challenging problems like they're child's play. She gravitates towards stories about navigating grief and loss, and believes in the power of bearing witness to each other's experiences as a source of healing and connection. This belief has informed her current project, a solo show she is developing about a female veteran with PTSD.

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